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Ultimate Lotto/Keno Software

Price $46.95

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To view more [Statistical]"charts produced by : The Ultimate Lotto/Keno software.

This program is truly the Ultimate Tool for lottery players around the world.

Criteria for your Lotto/Keno - VERSION 12.0
  • Digits used in your Game ( 4-5-6-7-8-10-11 ).
  • Total Numbers Drawn in your Game ( 4-5-6-7-8-20-22 ).
  • Total Numbers used in your Game ( 20 to 100 ).
  • NEW - Statistical Data for the 4-Digit ( 0-100 Numbers ) Lotto Games.

    Install it on a Lap Top Computer and you can take it with you to your favorite Lounge, OTB, the Track, or even a Casino. Easily input the QuickDraw or Casino Keno numbers as there drawn run a statistics report, display it right on your screen, select your numbers to play or use the computer selected numbers, or use a combination of yours and the computers.

    This is the only software, that I use, to make selections for my readers around the world. Its helped me select ( 845) JACKPOTS worth over $631,500,000 Million Dollars to date.

    [Pick10 Bar Graphr Image]

    It it also has a Database setup for these Special Games
  • All Lotto Games in the United States
  • California Super Lotto 5/47 1/27
  • Kentucky Super Lotto 5/33 1/31
  • Multi-State - HOTLOTTO 5/39 1/19
  • Texas Super Lotto 5/35 1/35 - The Cash for Life Game
  • Including PowerBall - Mega Millions-Florida LuckyMoney
  • Plus Michigan-Washington-New York Keno Games
  • Portugal 6/49 - England 6/49 - ThunderBall - Ireland 6/42
  • British Columbia - Eur Millions
  • Australia PowerBall - OZ-Lotto - and More
  • Canada 6/49 - Super7 - Atlantic Choice 10/70
  • Quebec Banco 10/70 - Quebec 6/49
  • Ontario Keno 10/70 - Ontario 6/49
  • Western Canada Banco 10/80 - Western 6/49

    You can easily setup up a database for your countrys Lotto/Keno game, if its not already listed above. These databases are Easily updated at anytime.

    Statistical Data Charts Give You..
  • Percent of Time Drawn - Times Drawn - Last Time Drawn
  • Longest Time Between Draws - Longest Run of and Consecutive Repeats
  • Numbers Drawn most often with each Specific Number
  • Whether a Number is Hot - Due - or reached its Average Drawn Point
  • If a Number has a High Probability of being Drawn
  • Totals of Odd/Even and Sums for each Drawing
  • Group Totals/Averages ( 1-9 10-19 20-29 30-39 40-49 50-59 60-69 70-80 ).
  • Computer Selected Numbers for Play

    More Statistical Data Charts..
    Front and Back Digits
    This chart will help you to pinpoint where the winning numbers have been drawn. So that you can better determine which numbers should be used is your selections for today. The Front and Back digits chart is ten columns. 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9 - 0 . Each number in each drawing is placed in one of the columns depending upon its front digit or back digit. The front digits are the numbers 1-9. The back digits are 10-80 and only the second digit is used to place it. Example: if the numbers 3-7-11-21-27-47 were drawn, the 3 would go under column 3, the 7-27-47 would go under column 7, the 11 and 21 would go under column 1.

    Multiple Statistical Chart
    Allows you to display the statistical charts going backwards and then places the data in a uniform manner, so that trends can be easily seen. This can be done with any Lotto/Keno game. The data can be displayed in numerous ways.

    You can get a printout of the Top 10 Pairs. Also a printout of the numbers divided into Zones. You can even have the database searched for Hit and Miss history for any amount of drawings. It now does all the numbers at once.

    Every chart is setup so that you can select Cumulative or Rotational data. Even if your State doesn't rotate their drawings, I've found that if there are two drawing a week, if you divide the database into two rotations, it helps to select winning numbers. This program even selects winning numbers for you and lets you print them out. The parameters for the computer selector are changeable. Plus a NEW Parameter has been added to help the computer zero in on the winning numbers even more.

    It even has a built in QuickPicker program. If your in a hurry just have the program generate you some QuickPick Combinations. Then print the combinations out and fill out your game cards.

    It comes with a Note Pad for you to jot done quick short notes. To Top it off it even comes with Wheeling systems for 5-6-7-10 and 11 digit lotto/keno games. It even lets you substitute in your selected numbers, printout the combinations, and checks the system for winning tickets. Plus, if you have a favorite wheeling system you can add it easily.

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    Numgen - Wheeling System Designer

    Price $49.95

    Version 12.0 - One of the Most Exciting Tools available for the serious lottery Player in the world.

    Design any Numerical Wheeling System..
  • Design 3-4 Digit Systems for Daily Numbers Games
  • Design 5-6-7-8 Digit Systems for Lotto Games
  • Design 9-10-11 Digit Systems for Keno Games
  • Note: You can wheel ( 3-80 ) numbers with this software

    Types of Systems Designed..
    Reduced Numerical Wheeling Systems..
  • (3 out of 5) - (3 out of 6) - (4 out of 5) - (4 out of 6)
  • (5 out of 6) - (5 out of 7) - (5 out of 8) - (6 out of 7)
  • (6 out of 10) - (7 out of 12) - (8 out of 14) (9 out of 15 )

    What will reduced numerical wheeling systems do for you? Suppose you have selected ( 18 ) numbers for your Lotto game and would like to have at least one winning ticket with ( 4 ) numbers on it, if six of your selected numbers are drawn. Then you would design an ( 18 ) number system with the Win Possibility of ( 4 out of 6 ).

    Full Wheel Numerical Systems..
  • (3 out of 3) - (4 out of 4) - (5 out of 5) - (6 out of 6)
  • (7 out of 7) - (8 out of 8) - (9 out of 9) - (10 out of 10)

    What will Full Wheel systems do for you? Suppose you have selected ( 18 ) numbers for your Lotto game and would like to have at least one winning ticket with ( 6 ) numbers on it, if six of your selected numbers are drawn. Then you would design an ( 18 ) number system with the ( 6 out of 6 ) win.

    This is just an example of the different types of systems you might want to design with this outstanding software program.

    To view some [Systems]"systems produced by : Numgen System Designer software.

    These systems will have built in Win Possibilities. These are found with a companion program that comes with Numgen. It tells you how many times each number must appear in order to meet the Win Possibility. You enter this number into the main program and it starts designing your new wheeling system. Example : Let's say you wanted to wheel ( 30 ) numbers for Keno, with a Win Possibility of 7 out of 14. Which means if 14 of your 30 selected numbers are drawn, you should have at least ( 1 ) ticket with 7 numbers on it.The program will ask you how many times each specific number should appear in the system. **NOTE** If you want to improve your win possibility, all you have to do is increase the number of times each number is to appear.

    After you've designed your system, you can Substitute in your selected numbers for the systems ones. Then printout your combinations and your ready to fill out the game cards. After the drawing you can check for winning tickets. Also included FREE are ( 2 ) Full Wheel Generators. One Designs Full Wheel Systems only and the other which is NEW Designs systems with a certain amount of Combinations. With this package you don't need any other wheeling systems software or books.

    The Ultimate Pair Maker

    Designs Numerical wheeling systems into Pairs. If you see or select numbers that usually are drawn in Pairs than this might be the type of wheeling system to use.

    It gives you Win Possibilities depending upon how many pairs are drawn. If you designed a three pair system and two pairs of your numbers were drawn you would have at least ( 1 ) ticket with Four numbers on it. If more of your numbers were drawn you could even hit the jackpot.

    The Ultimate Group Maker

    Have you ever played lotto and found that the numbers drawn were one digit higher or lower then the ones you played. If you used a Grouping system it would help you reduce this problem. A Grouping system lets you group 3-4 or 5 numbers into several groups. Then if one of your numbers are drawn from each of the first three groups along with a couple of numbers from some of the other groups, you will win a specific prize and you could easily hit a jackpot.

    After you have designed your wheeling system you can easily substitute your selected numbers into the systems ones. Then print them out on your printer or to the screen. Then all you have to do is fill out the game cards. If you play hundreds of combinations you will be happy to know that it will easily check the data for winning combinations and give you a printout of the winners.

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    Daily 3/4 Digit Numbers

    Price $46.95

    Version 10.0 The 3 and 4 digit Daily Numbers software.

  • DataBase hold years of drawings.
  • FREE - DataBase and Software Updates for one year.
  • Come with Data for all 3/4 Digit Daily Numbers Games in the USA.
  • Easily Setup a DataBase for your countrys 3/4 Digit Game.

    To view more [Statistical]"charts produced by : The 3/4 Digit Numbers software.

    It lets you easily update the database everytime you start the program. This program gives you all the statistical data needed to help you select winning daily numbers. It now comes with wheeling systems and will also let you add your own favorite wheeling systems. It will substitute your selected numbers into the systems ones and print the combinations to the screen or printer.

    Now it even gives you statistical data like the Ultimate Lotto software. Showing the % percent of time a number is drawn, whether its Hot, Due, Last Time Drawn, Longest Time Not Drawn, Plus the numbers drawn with each specific number most often.

    You get statistics on the Top Straight and Boxed 3-digit daily numbers. Along with the Top Front and Back Pairs. The 4-digit daily numbers also gives you the Top Front, Middle and back Pairs, Plus the First three and Last three Trios.

    The best just got better. It now gives you Sums of the numbers drawn and Even/Odd chart, plus a grouping chart showing you where the numbers are being drawn most often.

    It has Frequency statistics for Each number as well as for each specific tube that it was drawn from. It even gives you its top numbers selections to play just in case your in a hurry.

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    Find Numbers

    Price $39.95

    Version 10.0 This software program is used in conjuction with the Ultimate Lotto/Keno disk. Install for DOS or Windows. In Windows you will have Icons to click on. Most menu items are made by touching a key for the desired item. This program will check your selected numbers against as many drawings in the database as you desire. It will do this cumulatively or rotationaly.

    Cumulative or Rotational. Cumulative data meaning every consecutive drawing in a row for the amount of drawing used. Rotational means that you skip drawings in increments of 1-8. Which allows you to look at statistics for specific days of the week.

    It will show you whether they've ever been drawn before and the date they were drawn. This data can be displayed on the screen or sent to your printer. If you look closely at the printouts, you may see a trend in the numbers, or possibily some numbers that you haven't selected that you should have.

    You can even print out lists of the past drawings if desired in increments of 1-8. Using this feature you can see what the numbers looked like for say every Saturday, Wednesday, or any other day of the week. This program could mean the difference between winning and losing.

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    The Lotto Wheel Expander

    Price $49.95

    Version 10.0 This program will Expand any Numerical Wheeling System.Take your little wheeling system and expand it to 30 40 or more numbers. You can easily add your wheeling system to this programs directory by selecting Add Your System from the main menu. Your expanded system could have hundreds to thousands of combinations depending up on how much it was expanded. Its easy to use, just follow the instructions on how to type in your system. Once this has been done it will ask you a couple of questions and the expansion process will begin. I also come with a Full Wheel Generator, a program that Designs Full Wheel Systems. For instance if you wanted a Full wheel for 15 numbers for a 6 digit lotto game the total combinations equals 5005, this program would do it.

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    The Bell Curve Plotter

    Price $39.95

    Version 10.0 This program is used injuction with the Ultimate Lotto /Keno software. You select a wheeling system to use and substitute in your selected numbers. The you start this program. it will ask you for the name of your wheeling system and a new name for the one it will build. It then analyzes the database and displays a Bell Curve on the screen with low middle and high numbers. NOTE: The BELL CURVE PLOTTER - Program ONLY works in Windows ME/XP 32-Bit.

    [Image of Bell Curve for Take5] These numbers relate to the sums of your combinations. The closer to the middle point number the better your chance of having a winning combination. So if your wheeling hundreds or thousands of combinations, you might want to have them analyzed with this program. You choose the criteria from 5 % to 95% of the Bell Curve and then the program will sum each combination and eliminate all the ones not meeting the criteria that you gave it. When its finished you have the option of having your combinations printed with or with out the sums.

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    Handicapping The Flats and Trotters

    Price $48.95

    Version 7.5 Horse Race Handicapping Systems that Work ...If you have a computer my Flats and Trots software will help you pick Winning horses. You can Install it for DOS or Install it in Windows. In Windows it will have its own Icons to click on. Most menu item selections are made by touching a key for the item desired. Using data from The Daily Racing Form for the Flats and data from the Sports Eye for the Trotters/Pacers. This program will ask you for Speed rating, Distance of the race, Times of the race, Finish Positions, Weight carried, Track Conditions, Class of the horses as well as todays race, and the amount of the Purse that they raced for in their last race. After you've entered all the data you will be given a rating for the horse. When your finished ( takes about 5 minutes per race ) all the horses in the race will have a rating.

    **NOTE**This software is for Horse Racing in the United States. It will not work in other countries unless your handicapping papers/forms give you the data mentioned above. So far I've found out that Austrlia and England racing papers do not give all the statistical data needed.

    Is your Handicapping Software this Good? Check out my winning ticketsWinning Tickets now. If your playing the Flats you will play the highest rated horses for Win, Place, Show, Exactas, Daily Doubles, Triples, Pick3 and Pick6 races. Sometimes the systems picks the horses in the correct order but you should box your selections to be on the safe side.

    If your playing the Trotters/Pacers you will be using the horses with the lowest rating ( which is actually the fastest rated horses ). You use these horses with the best rating for Daily Doubles, Triples, Pick Threes' and Fours'.

    If you don't have a computer, you should have my UWIN system which works without a computer. You still need the Daily Racing Form and the Sports Eye, but you will be using less data. It will help you pinpoint the winning horses just like the computer does. The best part is that you can carry it with you to O.T.B or to the race track. Price $24.95

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