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Worth over $631,500,000 Million Dollars
Hope one of them was yours!!!


  Dear Dan
        On Feb 24, 2012 I Won again using your Front & Back digits numbers in the
   ( Lotto Stats ) lottery guide. I Won another $300.00  dollars and I believe that
   I will soon win the second prize of  $6,000  dollars or the jackpot worth
   $500,000.00  dollars soon.        Ernest C.M Brooklyn, NY

  Dear Dan
        On Dec 27, 2011 I played your Front & Back digits numbers for Pick-10 and
   Won $300.00  dollars. I found these charts in the ( LOTTO STATS ) guide available
   at most Lottery Stores.           Ernest C.M Brooklyn, NY

  Dear Dan                                           June 15, 2005
        I've been using your software since 1993..and I feel its the Best one on
  the market. I moved to Florida recently could you Please send me and updated
  database for the Florida Mega game.
                                               D. Darby., Florida

  Dear: Dan
        Sure glad I purchased your Ultimate Lotto/keno software. I used it for NYS
  Pick10 game and won a second prize, worth $6,000 dollars. Now I'm upgrading toime
  a new computer and upgrading my software from you as well.

                                               Duro Sinca., New York
  Dear: Dan
        Thanks to your website I won $290.00 on Friday Dec 6, 2002. I used the sum
  of 13 for all my numbers and 067 came in. I've only been playing for a short time
  so, I'am still learning. I plan to purcahse your Ultimate Lotto/Keno software
  package in the near future.
                                               Darrell Williams., South Carolina

  Dear: Dan
        Hope this e-mail finds you and your family in good health.
        I just want you to know since I got your program, I've played twice and
  won twice, hope to make it three for three today. I played $35.00 and won $60
  played $120 dollars and won $370.00. I am very pleased with the software. Have
  a loverly day and always keep reaching for the stars.

                                              Anselmn Noel., New York
  Dear Dan Crispell,
        Just a quick thank you for your advice on the NJ Pick-3. I hit Saturday
night's 3-wheeled -536- 20 times Boxed. Your column in The Lottery$ has helped
me hit three large Pick-3's in the last four months. As you can see play
multiple tickets. Keep up the great work.
                                             Kathy D.,South Palinfield, NJ

  Dear Dan,
        I just purchased your 3 & 4 Digit Daily Numbers software. I put the
4-digit numbers disk in to the computer. We ran off a list of numbers and
played them. The number ( 8733 ) came in and I won $320.00 dollars. I Love
your #'s. Looking forward to using the 3-digit numbers disk next.
                                        Evelyn Macdonald
   Dear Mr. Crispell,
        I've been following NY's Weekly Lottery New$ for almost a year. For
the longest time I didn't understand your wheeling systems. Then recently
you brought out one that lets' you wheel 26 numbers for the Pick10 ( Keno )
game and it only cost $5 dollars to play, and the coverage was great.
        I would like to order you Book of 900 Wheeling Systems.
                                        Thank You,
                                        Noreen M. Galloway
   To Dan Crispell,
        I enjoy your column in the Lottery New$ and play the "Front and Back
Digits" for myself and my Lottery Club.
        We have been using your 24 number system, which has the Win Possibility
of 6 out of 12. We have hit for $300.00 once and $40 a number of times. Can you
design us a system to wheel 30 numbers and at the same time increase its
coverage? This will give us more winning tickets, when we win.
                                        Gary Gee ( NY )
        I've purchased all your software and have had some farily good
results. I haven't hit a jackpot yet, but feel that I will soon. I have
had several second prize hits, which has made this venture a profitable
one. Please keep me informed as to any updates you may have in the future.
                                           Ed ( PA )
  Hello Dan,
        I just had to call you tonight. I recently purchased you Horse Race
Handicapping software. I used it on the Kentucky Derby 5/1/99 and I WON. It
gave me the 1st and 2nd horse. The first horse went off at over 30-1. The
Exacta paid over $700.00 dollars. Then I used in again the next day at
Aqueduct and won even more money.
                                             Thanks Ever So, Much
                                             Vancito S. ( NY )
  Hello Dan,
        I am writing to say thanks for the $2500 on your straight hit of
7924 on Feb 24. I am a new reader of the Lottery New$ and hope to have
more hits with your selections. I don't play a lot of numbers. I'm trying
to take your advice as well as the other columnists. This is the first
time I have ever hit a Pick4 straight.
        See copy of winning ticket enclosed. Thanks again and keep the
hits coming,
                                        Your new reader,
                                        Frank Wright ( NY )
   Dear Dan,
        I used your system to pick my numbers. As you can see it Paid Off.
This was only the third time I used the system. The first time I used it I had
5 out of 6 numbers plus several 4 out of 6 numbers for the QuickDrawn ( keno )
        The second time I had two 5 out of 6 numbers and several small pay
outs. This time I had 6 out of 6 for $1,000.00 dollars,
                                               Thanks alot,
                                               Jack C. ( NY )
   Dear Dan Crispell,
        I recently purchased your book of 900 Numerical Wheeling Systems.
I have Won over $400.00 dollars with it so far. I am very pleased with
your book.
                                               Richard Przybla ( NY )
    Hi Dan,
        I though I would call you today and give you some feed back on your
horse racing software. I purchased your Flats/Trots software to help me
select winning horses at Saratoga Raceway.
        It picked the Travers Stakes exacta perfectly. Just thought you
would like to know.
                                                Ann Connolly ( NY )

    Dear Dan
        Just wanted to let you know that I've won using your Ultimate Lotto
Keno software. Using the Front & Back Digits chart I won just under $2800.00.
Hopefully I will get the jackpot! Your software is really good!

                                                  Good Luck
                                                  Ann Connolly ( NY )
    Dear Mr. Crispell,
        I am an avid reader of your column and a fan of your Hotline, I am
writing because I play your "Front and Back Digits" with the 130 system every
day. I haven't won the jackpot as yet but have won $300.00 dollars several
times. This was a very happy moment.
                                                Mary Keeley
   Dear Daniel.
        Thank you for your great instruction yesterday. It was really a treat
to sit with the Master. Is your column also published in the New jersey New$?
        With you kind and astute counsel I hope to overcome my money problems
naturally GOD must permit it. But, I believe your success actually occurred
so that others could solve their problems.
        Thank you again and I hope to have the chance to sit with you again,
compare notes and learn more.
                                                Have a Great Life,
                                                James Clark ( PA )
        I used your numbers and your wheeling system in the Lottery New$.
I had all 10 numbers needed for the jackpot but, only ended up with
( 8 ) numbers twice. This payed be $600.00 dollars.
                                                Scott ( NY )
   Dear Dan,
        A small letter of appreciation for your efforts and your very
informative column. I am a Pick10 fan of yours.
        Sometimes you might think that you're writing and perhaps no
one is reading-well you're wrong- Your column is as I say on the money.
        My question is are there other states that have a similair Pick10
game or whatever-what are the odds like? If you have this information
could you make it available to me?
        Once again thanks a million for you and your column.
                                                Michael Alvarcz ( NY )

    Dear Lottery New$;                                   Feb 28, 1996
       I recently purchased the HP1000CX from Dan Crispell, "The Lottery
Specialist". Since I have used his product, I have been selecting winning
numbers every day.
        This computer is amazing, it does it all. I have selected ( 9 )
numbers in my group of 18 for Pick10( Keno ), and have WON for 6 and 7
numbers quite frequently.
        On February 27,1996, I selected all ( 5 ) numbers for Take5, I
had 3 numbers on ( 7 ) tickets. The HP1000CX is the Ultimate Tool. It's
Great for all lotto games.
        The next time I give a testimony, it will be because of Dan Crispell,
"The Lottery Specialist" Made me a Millionare.
                                               Thank You, Dan
                                               Randy Mancini ( NY )

     Dear Dan Crispell;                                Dec 15, 1996
         I was using your horse racing software system at Aqueduct and at
Finger lakes Race tracks. I hit for three, yes (3) triples in the very
same week.
         Can you imagine that? I was over whelmed. Thanks for this great
horse race software. You just can't be it for any price.

     Hi Dan;                                          April 24, 1997
        I have hit several times in the past couple of months using your
daily number selections. The best so far for me this year was the 636
which I had straight. 
                                           George P.

     Dear Dan,                                       April 30, 1997
         Your column has been very helpful over the years and you have been
a great inspiration to me. You are by far the best Pick10/Keno specialist
and do well with all the other games as well.
         Keep up the good work. God Bless you with health wealth and
happiness. Thank you kindly...
                                            Theresa A.
                                            New York, NY

       Dear Lottery Specialist,                       May 6, 1997
          You have been Very Helpful wiht your weekly column and winning
suggestions. I most recently won a box hit with your selection of 843 drawn
on May 3. I also hit with your Take5 numbers on May 2. Thank you very much.
I also won smaller prizes with your Pick10 selections. You are the very best
at Pick10/Keno.
          Once again I am very greatful to you, God Bless you, and keep up
the good work.
                                                 Delores S.   
                                                 Brooklyn, NY

             Mr. Crispell,                           March 24, 1998
         I have your 3/4 Digit Daily Numbers software. I have been using 
it for several years here in Massachusetts with good results. Please
send me your newest version of this software ASAP.
                                           Tom Weisensee ( MA )

     Hello Dan,                                     March 30, 1998
        This is Clyde from Texas, remember me? I've been using your
Ultimate Lotto/Keno and 3/4 Digit Daily Numbers software for almost
two years. They've paid for themselves many times over. I would like
your newest versions of this software. Please send them Priority Mail.
                                               Thanks again,
                                            Clyde Horn ( TX )

    Hello Dan,                                     April 10, 1998
       Its hard to believe but, I've now Won over $5,000 dollars using
the HP1000CX Computer and your Ultimate Lotto/Keno software. As soon as
the program is finished generating the statistical data, I can select the
numbers to play in about ( ONE MINUTE ) ..I think I will give your horse
racing software a trial run and see how it performs.
                                             Thanks again,
                                           Allen G. ( NV )    

  Dan,                                             December 22, 1998
     Just called to order updated software for the following ( Numgen -
The Ultimate Lotto/Keno - Daily Numbers ) . Your software is by far the
greatest. Please keep me informed as to any improvements made in the future.
     P.S. I just missed hitting a jackpot for Keno here. I had the card all
filled out, got to the store and was shut out. I missed cut off time, I had
all ten numbers. Have a Merry Christmas.
                                              Thanks,                                                        Ron G. ( WA )

Ernest From Brooklyn: I cashed out my other box hit on 1/17/08 when 3128 came out. I had to send lotto stats this when 3821 came out again on 1/26/08. Both were in midway drawings. I play Dan's Picks from the the ( LOTTO STATS ) magazine. His Win-4 selections have been making me money. Thanks, 02-07-08
My very own testimony. On June 6, 1996 my selection for Pick10 ( New York States keno Game ) gave me ( 9 ) out of the ( 10 ) numbers needed for the JACKPOT. Which was good for a quick $6,000.00 dollars CASH. I made my selections using my Ultimate Lotto/Keno software which sells for only Price $46.95...I've also won ( 2 ) second prizes in the Take5 game and ( 2 ) second prizes from Lotto54. I've won many times at the track using my horse racing software as well. You can see a couple of copies of my tickets if you click on Jackpots from my home page. On Mar 7, 1998 I won the 1st and 2nd race Exactas at Aqueduct plus the Daily Double. It has been a great year for horse racing. I've also won the Daily Numbers games using my software. I've had many straight hits and many more boxed hits using my Daily Numbers software. You too could be doing the same. Daniel Crispell The Lottery Specialist
May The Numbers be With You...

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